Corporate Wellness

Why Invest in Wellness?

Dozens of studies have demonstrated a significant financial return on investment in reducing sick time, disability and benefits costs. However, health and wellness at work is more than that. Concern about personal health is the common denominator that links every member of your workforce, from maintenance worker to CEO. By playing a critical role in improving employee’s health, even more significant returns can be realized in improved workplace moral, productivity and retention of employees.

Wellness Programming Components

Rather than a piecemeal approach to health and wellness, we develop customized programs that create a culture of health and wellness in your workplace. Our programs can contain any of these components:

Wellness Assessment

Workplace Wellness Survey: Determine the unique needs of your organization.Health Risk Assessments: Identify employee risk factors that contribute to poor health and lifestyle.Workplace Wellness Committee: Create an ongoing culture to support programs in the workplace. Wellness Education

Wellness Education

Our wellness education programs bring experts in nutrition, physical activity, work-life balance and stress management to your workplace. Programs range in length from 30 minutes to several hours and can be customized for the needs of your employees. Recent examples include:

  • “What’s in your vending machine” – by our registered dietitian
  • “The straight goods on fitness” – by our fitness team leader & personal trainer
  • “Movement screening & Injury Prevention” – by our staff Physiotherapist
  • "Preparing for your own fitness challenge” – by our fitness challenge leaders
  • “Solving your back pain problem” – by our team Chiropractor
  • “Office Essentials – Ergonomics” – by our team of ergonomics specialists
  • “Understanding Stress” – by our team stress specialist.

On-Site Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Classes

Classes can be customized for your workplace.

Health Screening Clinics

Assess employee's key health markers including Blood Pressure, Body Fat, Weight, Blood Glucose & Cholesterol levels.

Health & Wellness Challenges

Customized to allow your entire team to participate.

Wellness Fairs

Feature on-site health services & community wellness partners.