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Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the hands on treatment of the body’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons to relieve pain & tension and restore flexibility & function. Massage therapy is effective for a variety of conditions including headaches, back pain, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more.

  • Location: Lower level between the employee lounge and the computer training lab.
  • Time: Thursdays by appointment.
  • Booking: 
  • Fees: 60 min session = $80+hst.  Reimbursable through your benefits plan.

Personal Training

A personal trainer can serve a number of roles in your life: motivator, educator, role model, coach, or confidence builder.  Our trainers will design a program specific to your goals and will regularly revisit these goals to ensure you are on the right track.   Whether you are trying to loose weight, want to learn to exercise efficiently and safely, or working towards a specific health and fitness goal, our trainers can help you get there faster.

  • Location: Inside the fitness centre.
  • Time: Flexible times can be scheduled with the trainer.
  • Booking: 
  • Fees: Click on this link to purchase sessions.
    • Solo Training (one on one): Single Session: $65  | Packs of 5: $300 ($60/session)  |Packs of 10: $550 ($55/session)
    • Duo Training (with a partner): Single Session: $40 per person | Packs of 5: $190 ($38/session) | Packs of 10: $350 ($35/session)
    • Group Training (3 or more people): Single Session: $35 per person | Packs of 5: $160 ($32/session) | Packs of 10: $290 ($29/session)


Fitness & Yoga Classes

Yoga is fitness for the mind and body. Yoga – meaning union – is more than just stretching and relaxation. Yoga is an ancient discipline that focuses on the control of energy flow through the breath, while holding postures to develop muscular strength and endurance. Yoga is practiced to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Your Wellness Team

Kerry Marion 
Registered Massage Therapist
BCRPA Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Leader

Kerry’s mission is to provide her clients with the knowledge and tools needed to empower them to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, while offering them options to maintain this lifestyle safely and effectively throughout different phases of their lives.
Kerry is the unique position of being both a Registered Massage Therapist & a Certified Personal Trainer. Her wide ranging skillset enables her to effectively help clients with needs ranging from stress management and sports injury recovery to those looking to loose weight and reach their fitness goals.
In addition to regularly providing massage at sporting events such as the Vancouver Marathon, Kerry also acts as mentor and evaluator of new personal trainers and group fitness instructors. In her spare time she has completed a yoga teacher training and designs her own training for triathlon and cycling events.