Description: Brettzel


A total mobility exercise for the quadriceps, hips, piriformis, glutes, low back and thoracic spine that will aid in improving shoulder limitations.


Lay  on  your  side  with  your  neck  supported  with a towel or  foam pad so your neck is relaxed  during  this  stretch.    Move  into  a  fetal  position,

ending  at  your hip joint to create as tight of  an  angle  as  possible. The  angle  between your thigh and  your torso should be  less  than 90 degrees.  Assuming  that  you  are  lying  on  your  right  side,  hold  your left knee  close  to your body with your  right hand.


Reach  back  with  your  right  leg,  bringing  your  thigh  as  far  behind  the  plane  of  your  body  as possible,  then  bend  your  right  knee  as much  as  possible.  Try to grasp your  right ankle with your left  hand.   Once you are in position, and not until  you  have  both  legs  secured,  proceed  to  the next  step.


The  next  step is  a  maximal  shoulder rotation away from  the deck and toward the sky.   If you’re lying  on your right side, try  to  turn your body toward your left as far as you can. Let your neck remain in a neutral position  and,  then, slowly look with your eyes and turn your head to enhance the  shoulder  turn.    If you  cannot   grasp your  right  ankle  with  your  left   hand,  use  a  small loop or belt to extend your reach until your flexibility  will  allow.   Do  not drop  the maintained  left  hip flexion  since  it  will  protect  your  low  back  and  influence  the  rotation stretch on the thoracic spine.