Exercise of the Week –
Incline Leg Press
  • The incline leg press provides support for the back and can be used as an alternative to the barbell squat.
  • Main Muscles Worked: 
    • Gluteus Maximus (Butt)
  • Other muscles worked are:
    • Thighs
    • Calf
  • Incline Leg Press Technique:
    • Position body with back firmly supported
    • Feet flat against platform
    • Legs extended
    • Apply pressure to hold platform in position
    • Release lock and slowly lower sled
    • Allow knees to flex towards chest
    • Push steadily back to top
    • Breathe!
Incline Leg Press Notes:
  • · Start with an easy weight and perfect your technique.
  • · Apply pressure with ball and heel of foot evenly.
  • · Do not come down too fast - keep it smooth
  • · Remember to breathe. Whether you breathe in or out at a certain point is less important than making
  • sure you are actually breathing during the exercise.
  • · Do not put on more weight than you can properly lift! Bad form and injury invariably follow.