Exercise of The Week - Tip for running
Have you ever thought about your running form?  Maybe an incorrect from is why you’re getting injured.  Or maybe it’s why you don’t like running.  Look at the image and see the 3 typical running forms.  The Heel-toe is what allot of new runners do because that’s what we do when walking.  Ironically running is different and unfortunately most running shoes allow for heel striking which is wrong.  Try the Mid foot style which is the easier to learn than the Pose method.  Concentrate on landing on the mid foot and get rid of that heel strike.


Try this for 3 months to get familiar with it and perhaps start with jogging speed on a treadmill or trail which is a softer surface than concrete or asphalt.   Take a holistic approach by adding a well thought out aerobic conditioning training plan, strength training with a personal trainer, release your trigger points and muscles with massage therapy, mobilize your joints with a chiropractor and fuel your body properly.  This will help develop your running technique and think about experimenting with proven recovery strategies resulting in injury free running.