Exercise of the week -
A proper warm-up is an essential part of your workout.  Purpose of a Warm-up is to:Increase blood flow to the working muscles. Mobilize the joints. Release synovial fluid in the joints to lubricate them. Coordinate the nervous system and muscles to work well together. Increase body temperature. Get focused mentally.


Don't Do This in Your Warm-up:

Don't static stretch before you work out or play a sport unless you've been specifically instructed to do so by your therapist or doctor. Static stretching (holding a stretch for an extended period) doesn't prevent injuries and it fact may make you weaker and less powerful.  Don't spend a lot of time doing aerobic work (running on a treadmill, riding a bike, etc). A few minutes (3-5 minutes) is okay but don't bother with an extended aerobic warm-up.

Don't spend a long time warming up; 10-15 minutes is enough.