Recipe of the week - Curried Quinoa Salad  



½ cup Lemon juice


¼ cup of Canola oil (or a flavorless oil)


1 tbsp cumin


1 tbsp curry powder


1 tbsp paprika


1 tbsp brown sugar


Heat the dressing for one minute in the microwave to release the flavor of the spices




2 Cups Quinoa cooked


1/3 Cup Sliced almonds


1/3 Cup Craisins


2-3 Roasted yams (cut in cubes and roasted on a cookie tray in the oven, coat lightly in olive oil/salt/pepper


2 Apples sliced in small pieces




1-2 breasts of chicken poached in boiling water until just cooked. Pull apart with a fork and add to the salad.


 Mix everything together and serve!!!


 Can be served with fresh spinach and goat cheese, I sometimes serve it with low fat plain yogurt that I add a seasoning mix to the yogurt (like uncle dan’s ranch seasoning that has 0 calories)