Exercise of the week: Replacing your shoes
To prevent overuse injuries make sure you Replace/Rotate your Shoes. Some of us forget but it’s typically best to replace our exercise shoes every six to twelve months. This depends on how often you use them.  Another option is to buy 2 pair of a shoe you like and rotate them to get more longevity.
Why does it matter? Numerous overuse injuries of the lower limbs have been connected to a biomechanical tendency present in a large portion of the population, excessive pronation of the foot, Plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, shin pain, patellofemoral pain, iliotibial band syndrome, and other overuse injuries can all be linked to abnormal foot and lower limb biomechanics, depending on the individual.  It is important to understand that simply correcting the position of the feet and lower limbs is seldom the only solution to addressing a person’s biomechanical needs. There are numerous other variables that must be addressed through the treatment methods of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and registered massage therapists, depending on the individual